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London, W11
United Kingdom

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Liz Nehdi designs offer a spectacular expression of bold, invigorating colours, hypnotic patterns and gestural, painterly prints that are layered with meaning. These are complemented by the finest craftsmanship and luxurious textiles to create playful, distinctive and soulful accessories with an artistic heritage. Our brand aims to introduce a way of life that celebrates fun, creative expression, optimism, and the beautiful complexities of the global village in which we all live. Liz Nehdi Studio was founded in 2014 by Liz & Karim Morgan Nehdi.

The inaugural Spring/Summer 2015 collection of scarves and pocket squares draws from Liz’s inspirations as a painter, interpreting and distilling creative traditions from around the globe – from abstract expressionism, art naïf and aboriginal dot paintings to graffiti, Berber patterns, and psychedelia.

We are accepting wholesale orders for Spring/Summer 2015 through 14 November 2014. Please email for more information.


Liz Nehdi is an American artist and designer based in London. She was born near Washington DC in 1982 and grew up in Bethesda MD. She studied at Miss Porter's School (USA), Dartmouth College (USA) and the University of the Arts London (UK) - Chelsea College of Art & Design and Central Saint Martins - and holds received a BA in Studio Art with Honors and an MA in Textile Design with Distinction.

Liz travels extensively and has lived in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Singapore.

Liz Nehdi Studio blog

Inspiration and creations from Liz Nehdi, an American artist and designer based in London. I love colour, pattern, women’s and children’s clothing, home decor, travel, plants and flowers and finding beauty in everyday life. I share my discoveries and thoughts on these topics with you on this blog.

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Liz Nehdi

Looking for the perfect way to show your thanks to the man who raised you? We've got you covered. Show your Papa some love this Father's Day with a luxury LNS pocket square.  One for every form of father, read on to find out which will suit his particular suit!

If he's: The Intrepid Explorer
He needs: The Following Flying Dutchmen

For the pioneering Papa who is as adventurous in his pursuits as his sartorial choices, the undulating pattern of the Following Flying Dutchmen makes the perfect pocket filler.

If he's: The Colour Chameleon
He needs: The Meandering Huang He

For the father who values versatility and choice, but wants anything but to blend into the background, gift him the Meandering Huang He Pocket Square.  The design can be folded for an endless variety of colours to complement whatever mood or outfit he finds himself in.

If he's: The Consummate Diplomat
He needs: The Negotiations

For the peacekeeper of the family with a penchant for playful colours, the Negotiations Pocket Square makes the perfect token of appreciation come Father's Day.  With its abstract design of two figures locked in conversation, this piece suits the straight talker and sharp dresser.

If he's: The Audacious Speculator
He needs: The Flush

For the father who likes a flutter, equip him with the ultimate good luck charm in the form of the perfectly pink Flush Pocket Square.

He needs: The Straight Flush

For the gregarious gambler, guarantee him a pocket full of green(s) with the striking Straight Flush Pocket Square.

He needs: The ALL IN

Ensure he always has style up his sleeve (even if the aces aren’t guaranteed!) with the All In Pocket Square.

All pieces available from the Liz Nehdi Studio website and until 21st June enter code THANKSDAD at the checkout for £10 off!

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In praise of the style mavericks

Liz Nehdi

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

Heaps of glowing reviews are being doled out for "Iris", the late Albert Maysles' last film. The documentary follows 93 year-old Iris Apfel, an interior designer and fashion influencer whose age has not diminished her productivity, having most recently appeared in ad campaigns for Kate Spade and Alexis Bittar.  Apfel's wit, joie de vivre, and style chutzpah make this a can't-miss film for the LNS team. 

Iris exemplifies so much of what we admire about individuals who embrace his or her own unique personality through fashion and design.  Below are just a few of our favorite fashion mavericks, who perhaps will encourage you to be yourself, whoever that may be. (Because biographies are written about trailblazers—never those who follow the heavily trafficked path.)


WhoLuisa, Marchesa Casati Stampa di Soncino (Italian heiress and patroness of the arts)

Style: High Drama

Trademark: As if she had just stepped out of a painting, right down to the snakes she had once worn across her neck as adornment and the feathers in her hair. 

Lesser known fact: Buried in an unassuming grave plot in Knightsbridge, where she spent her later years in relative poverty.

Fashionable quote: “I want to be a living work of art.” (And she was.)


Who: Coco Chanel (fashion designer and founder of Chanel)

Style: Timeless sophistication 

Trademark: Her eponymous jacket. A suntan. Trousers. (All of which were popularized for women by her.)

Lesser known fact: Born in a poorhouse to an unwed laundrywoman.

Fashionable quote“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” 

Who: Daphne Guinness (artist, heiress to the Guinness Beer fortune)

Style: Victorian socialite meets queen from another galaxy.

Trademark: Platinum and black hair Those shoes.  

Lesser known fact: Wears white ballet slippers whilst on the StairMaster at the gym.

Fashionable quote“You can tell the state of civilization by the way people dress. If the people who fought two World Wars came back to 2010 and saw all of us running around in tracksuits, what would they think? It is just about being sloppy.”

Who: Anna Piaggi (late creative force at Italian Vogue and editor-in-chief of Vanity magazine.)

Style: High/low eclecticism. 

Trademark: Powdered face with pronounced rouge and lipstick and her many, many hats. She claimed to have never left the house without wearing a hat since the 1980s.

Lesser known fact: According to an audit from the V&A's 2006 exhibit on Piaggi and her wardrobe, she owned "265 pairs of shoes, 29 fans, 932 hats, 2,865 dresses, 24 aprons and 31 feather boas."

Fashionable quote: “To me, fashion is a trance. It is a moment, an expression. My philosophy of fashion is humor, jokes and games. And I make my own rules."


Who: Iris Apfel (of course)

Style: Maximalism

Trademark:  Layers of jewelry. Oversized eyeglasses.

Lesser known fact: As an interior designer, participated in White House restoration projects under nine different presidential administrations (Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton). 

Fashionable quote: "When you don't dress like everybody else, you don't have to think like everybody else."

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Liz Nehdi

With this year's Cannes Film Festival well on the way, here at LNS we'd like to pay tribute to icons of the silver screen and how they have immortalised our favourite accessory.  Be it old school Hollywood glamour or indie art house chic - these cinematic goddesses make us swoon for the scarf!  Who wore it best? (Yes we know it's too hard to pick!)

Brigitte, Grace, Audrey, Marilyn, Mia, Faye, Audrey and Carey - what absolute beauties!

Please click here to subscribe to the Liz Nehdi Studio inspiration journal. You'll get occasional updates, behind-the-scenes shots from inside the studio, styling and trend advice, as well as exclusive promotions (including 20% off your first order!)