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London, W11
United Kingdom

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Liz Nehdi designs offer a spectacular expression of bold, invigorating colours, hypnotic patterns and gestural, painterly prints that are layered with meaning. These are complemented by the finest craftsmanship and luxurious textiles to create playful, distinctive and soulful accessories with an artistic heritage. Our brand aims to introduce a way of life that celebrates fun, creative expression, optimism, and the beautiful complexities of the global village in which we all live. Liz Nehdi Studio was founded in 2014 by Liz & Karim Morgan Nehdi.

The inaugural Spring/Summer 2015 collection of scarves and pocket squares draws from Liz’s inspirations as a painter, interpreting and distilling creative traditions from around the globe – from abstract expressionism, art naïf and aboriginal dot paintings to graffiti, Berber patterns, and psychedelia.

We are accepting wholesale orders for Spring/Summer 2015 through 14 November 2014. Please email for more information.


Liz Nehdi is an American artist and designer based in London. She was born near Washington DC in 1982 and grew up in Bethesda MD. She studied at Miss Porter's School (USA), Dartmouth College (USA) and the University of the Arts London (UK) - Chelsea College of Art & Design and Central Saint Martins - and holds received a BA in Studio Art with Honors and an MA in Textile Design with Distinction.

Liz travels extensively and has lived in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Singapore.

Liz Nehdi Studio blog

Inspiration and creations from Liz Nehdi, an American artist and designer based in London. I love colour, pattern, women’s and children’s clothing, home decor, travel, plants and flowers and finding beauty in everyday life. I share my discoveries and thoughts on these topics with you on this blog.

Halloween Special: Pattern Inspiration From Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Liz Nehdi

A collage of patterned gates and doors in Pere Lachaise cemetery by Liz Nehdi

What’s your favourite way to relax and unwind after a long workday?

I love going on long walks. Not only do I get a little exercise boost, but walks give me the perfect chance to soak up my surroundings. When I’m at home in London, I often find myself following the paths of Hyde Park or winding my way through the colourful streets of Notting Hill. When I’m travelling, one of my favourite things to do is just take off on foot – often without much of a set agenda. I pick up the vibe of a city by wandering.

I was recently in Paris for a few days and found myself meandering through Pere Lachaise cemetery, which is the largest cemetery in the city and home to some of the greats in art, literature and music, such as Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Honore de Balzac and Max Ernst.

I love cemeteries, and of course they seem especially appropriate in the lead up to Halloween. The Pere Lachaise cemetery is particularly beautiful and for a pattern lover like me, the iron gates and doors of the tombs are incredibly inspiring. Here are some photos I took on my recent visit there. I hope you enjoy them!


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Three tombs in a row

I love the subtle colours that have built up over time on this gate

Pattern inspiration is often close at hand if you keep your eyes open

A spooky scene in Pere Lachaise

Another gloriously weathered detail

Apologies for the blurry photo, but the pattern was too good to not share

Pere Lachaise in the autumn

The pattern motif in this gate has an almost sinister feel to it

Moss + stone = perfection

Corrosion adds extra texture to this pattern

Peek-a-boo tomb doors

I love seeing the physical manifestation of the passage of time on objects

Two friends soak up the scene of Paris below the cemetery

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